Fast Forward Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully and submit your 25-second Fast Forward video by strictly not later than the date indicated on the important dates page.

EuroVis 2014 will have multiple concurrent sessions and attendees will have to decide which presentations to attend. To help attendees decide, at least one presenter for each accepted submission is required (not optional) to briefly preview their work in 25 seconds during a Fast Forward session at the conference.

Your 25-second preview presentation should be in the form of a video. The video may contain an audio track, but it should not have any voice-over. The voice-over should be done live during the Fast Forward session. What you do during your 25-second slot is completely up to you. We encourage everyone to be as creative as possible! You can for instance perform a short sketch and get any props you require. Anything that will instigate the audience to attend your session is highly recommended! However, please do not lose sight of the importance to communicate the topic and message of your work.

The Fast Forward video of all the speakers will be assembled into one single video. This is then played during the Fast Forward session at the conference, while speakers get on stage and give their presentation one after the other. The video cannot be stopped or paused at any point. So all the Fast Forward presentations have to be strictly 25 seconds.

Please make sure your Fast Forward video complies with the checklist and instructions below before submitting it. You will not be able to edit or change your Fast Forward video any time after the submission deadline.

EuroVis Tracks with a Fast Forward

Authors participating in the following tracks are required (not optional) to prepare and present a Fast Forward:

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Important Dates

Please see the important dates page.

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Preparing Your 25-second Fast Forward


Please prepare your Fast Forward presentation in the form of a 25-second video. The video should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 at resolution 960x540 or 1280x720 (preferred) with no less than 24 frames/s (25 frames/s or 30 frames/s are fine). We would prefer an MPEG4 file using H.264 encoding, but other formats may be acceptable in exceptional cases. Please note that due to submission system limits, your file should not exceed 20MB in size.

This format can be generated using typical video editing software (e.g. Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, etc.). If you are inexperienced using such software or find it difficult to learn in the provided time, you may create your Fast Foward submission using presentation software (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote). See below for brief guides on how to accomplish this.

Please feel free to include an audio track, but make sure that the volume is within normal levels (not too soft or too loud), and that you are not using material to which you do not own legal rights.


You are free to design the contents of your video, within the bounds that it is appropriate in terms of rights, use of language, viewpoints or imagery and does not offend any individuals or groups at the conference or elsewhere. We do reserve the right to ask for changes in content if we deem it necessary.

Note that we will create a title sequence for each submission, i.e. a short video that will show submission title, author names, session name, session time, and session location, see here for a tentative example. Thus, please do not include a title sequence in your video.

Furthermore, we strongly discourage authors from pre-recording narration for their Fast Forward presentation — the live element is important to interest attendees in your presentation.


Your video will be played back using the VLC media player (version 2.1.4). To test whether your video plays ok, you can download the player here and play the video by yourself. Note that we will not accept videos that do not play in VLC out of the box, or require special settings or codecs to be installed. We will not be able to make any edits to your submission, such as format conversion etc., so it is essential that your video plays as provided.

Creating a Video Using Typical Presentation Software

If you are unfamiliar with video editing software, or only have simple Fast Forward materials, you can still prepare your presentation using a slide-based programme such as Microsoft PowerPoint, but you will have to save it as a video before submitting it. Below we have collected a number of very brief guides for various popular presentation software. Note that some of these programs have alternative ways of producing video, and you are free to choose the one that suits you best as long as you stay within the required format.

Create a new slide show and make sure that in the Design ribbon, Slide Size is set to Widescreen (16:9). Then consult this guide. When saving your presentation as video, please make sure to select the Computer and HD Displays option, which will generate video in the correct format. Submit the resulting .mp4 file.

While you can use PowerPoint for Mac to create your submission, unfortunately, the videos created by the Save as Movie command are of very low quality and do not include animations and transitions. To export suitable video, open your Fast Forward presentation in Apple’s Keynote (see below) or PowerPoint 2013 for Windows (see above) and use their video export functions. In either case, make sure you use the File / Page Setup menu command to set Slides Sized for to On-Screen Show (16:9).

Create a new presentation and ensure that Slide Size is set to Widescreen (16:9) under the Document inspector (available from the tool bar). Once you are finished creating the Fast Forward content, use the File / Export / Quicktime menu command and select 720p as format. Submit the resulting .m4v file.

Create a new presentation and ensure that under the Document inspector, Slide Size is set to 1280x720. When you are done creating the Fast Forward content, use File / Export / Quicktime from the menu and select Full Quality, Large as format. Make sure you select either Fixed Timing or Recorded Timing for Playback Uses. After exporting, submit the resulting .mov file.

After exporting, please check that your video runs 25 seconds. If this should not be the case, you can adjust animation and transition timings to obtain the required length.

Creating Your Video Using Simple Video Editing Software

Below are some simple tips to help you create your Fast Forward video using typical video editing software that is freely available:

After creating a new project, under Project, select Widescreen (16:9) as the aspect ratio. When done editing content, select File / Save movie / Apple iPad. Make sure that in the file selector, Save as type is set to MPEG-4/H.264 Video File. Submit the resulting .mp4 file.

Edit your project as usual. When done, use the File / Share / File menu command, and select HD 720p (1280x720) for size. Submit the resulting .mp4 file.

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Checklist Before Submission

Your Fast Forward video must comply with all the points in this checklist. If not, do the necessary changes, re-consult the checklist and then submit your video.

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Full Papers, Short Papers, STARs

Fast Forward videos for full papers, short papers and STARs should be submitted using the Precision Conference System (PCS). Log in on PCS and go to my submissions in progress > modify final version. Upload your file in the appropriate box in the additional material section.

Authors that run out of space on PCS should:

1. If the Fast Forward video is greater than 20MB, try to re-compress the video to yield a smaller file
    size and re-upload on PCS.

2. If this is not possible:

      Please double-check that you have included the correct URL and details before sending your email.
      Multiple emails for the same work could cause confusion.

Posters, CGF Selected Papers

Authors of Posters and CGF Selected Papers should:

1. Rename the Fast Forward video file as < track name >-< ID >, where ID is
    first initial + last name + first non-article word of the title
    (e.g., poster-ASmithVisualizing.mp4 or cgf-MWilsonTaxonomy.mp4).

2. Upload it on a sharing service of your choice (e.g. Dropbox or Google Drive).

3. Email the URL to The subject of the email should be
    [Eurovis14 FF submission] < track name >-< ID >: < title of poster or paper >
    (e.g., [Eurovis14 FF submission] cgf-MWilsonTaxonomy: A Taxonomy of Everything).

    Please double-check that you have included the correct URL and details before sending your email.
    Multiple emails for the same work could cause confusion.

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Practice Your Fast Forward

Practice your Fast Forward at least 5 times in advance! Make sure it lasts not more than 25 seconds.

The Fast Forwards of all the speakers will be compiled into one video. So once your 25-second slot is over, the Fast Forward of the next presenter is automatically loaded and you are expected to move away, get down from the stage and go back to your seat.

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The Fast Forward Session in Which You Will Be Presenting

There will be two Fast Forward sessions, both taking place on Tuesday June 10, 2014. Each session will be dedicated for different EuroVis tracks. Please identify in which session you will be presenting:

Session 1: 15:30 - 16:00 for Full Papers, CGF Selected Papers
                after the opening ceremony and the keynote

Session 2: 16:30 - 17:00 for STARs, Short Papers, Posters
                after the afternoon coffee break

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On the Day of the Fast Forward Session

Be in Taliesin Lecture Theatre 20 minutes before:

Please be in the lecture theatre on time, as instructions will be given on how you will get on stage to present your Fast Forward.


Slips of paper with the titles of the work to be presented during that session will be placed on the chairs just in front of the stage. Please be seated on the chair with the title of your work. The seating order will be the same as the order the speakers will present their Fast Forward. This will also be the same as the order in which the work appears in the program (order with respect to the time of the session and from left to right for concurrent sessions). Please consult the program to get an idea where your seat will be.


As the Fast Forward session starts, a student volunteer will instruct you to line up and proceed to the stage. As soon as the 25 seconds of the previous presenter are over, you should move forward to the microphone and start your presentation. The title of your work will automatically appear before the video you submitted starts. After 25 seconds, you should leave the stage as instructed on the day and get back to your seat.

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If you have any questions, please contact the Fast Forward chairs on

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Fast Forward Co-Chairs

Please see the committees page.

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